Content Standards

The following Content Standards are designed for a higher education course focusing on honing skills of reading, writing, and critical thinking by exploring the idea of a sense of place.

  • Students will gain a deep understanding of the writing process by taking essays through a series of steps, from generative writing to initial drafts to revised drafts to final, copy-edited essays.
  • Within a supportive group environment, students will practice giving and receiving feedback on writing, focusing first on global concerns (big-picture issues such as content, organization, structure, tone, voice) and later on local concerns (sentence-level issues such as grammar and mechanics).
  • Students will learn to use a content management system such as Blogger to self-publish photographs, videos and finished pieces of writing.
  • By taking notes and participating in online discussions with classmates, students will read and respond critically to course texts.
  • Students will work to hone observational skills by keeping a journal of sensory details and written impressions of familiar and unfamiliar places.
I have also designed syllabi and taught (both in-person and online) the following college-level courses:
  • College English I¬†
  • College English II (in-person
  • Creative Writing (mixed genre)
  • Creative Writing: Fiction
  • Representations of Violence in America
  • American Women Short Story Writers
  • Illness and Society
  • Building the World: Constructing a Sense of Place
  • Learning in Context
  • Art and Madness
  • Representations of Women in Art and Literature
  • Travel Writing
  • English as a Second Language, all levels
I am choosing not to make these syllabi publicly available on the Internet.  However, if you are interested in these classes, would like to share ideas, or are looking for resources for your own courses, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at LaurenFossGoodman [at] gmail [dot] com.